Chan Hyuk Kim (김찬혁), Ph.D.



1997 – 2003           B.S. Dept of Chemistry, Seoul National University

2004 – 2008           Ph.D. Dept of Chemistry, Seoul National University

Professional Experience:

2009 – 2012           Postdoctoral Fellow, The Scripps Research Institute

2012 – 2016           Principal Investigator, California Institute for Biomedical Research

2016 – current      Assistant Professor, Dept of Biological Sciences, KAIST


Idea Development Award, US Department of Defense (DoD), 2015

Translation Fund Award, Wellcome-Trust Foundation, 2013

Post-doctoral Fellowship, National Research Foundation of Korea, 2009

Grants of Seoul Fellowship of Excellence, Seoul Metropolitan Government, 2008

Grants for excellent science student, KBS (Korea Broadcasting System), 2007

Seoul Science Fellowship, Seoul Metropolitan Government, 2005, 2006

Brain Korea 21 (BK 21) Graduate Student Fellowship, Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, 2006-2008